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the neighborhood international airport in the very heart of moscow. to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how bad the less bad luck i don't get any i mean it's a sound i know that i'm seeing the same thing really messed up. in the old story so personally. it's. the worst you're going through the white house or the. radio guy and minestrone they want what we're about to give you never seen anything like this i'm told. hey guys i'm having lunch in this is breaking the set you know there's been a lot of reactions across the country in the wake of the boston bombings but none
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has made me more terrified the new york mayor michael bloomberg said in a recent press conference bloomberg said quote the nation needs to change how it interprets the constitution to give government greater power to protect citizens really really change the way we interpret the constitution i have a novel idea why he just started following it and then he went on to say that america needs to give big brother more power and how well by increasing the already massive surveillance state and giving law enforcement more the power only the name of national security or i because the n.y.p.d. is invasive survey on the guns muslims proves the police want to be use their powers given the opportunity right i can't stand to surprise that girl this in the same nanny state mayor that has been pushing bills to keep tabs on how much so do you can drink is currently working on a bill that would change the legal age to purchase cigarettes twenty one apparently bloomberg thing. but in order to preserve our freedom we need to have
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a government that holds more authority and concentrated power than ever before but you and i both know that freedom won't come under the lens of a surveillance camera so let's break that. well guys the boston bombing saga continues to unfold yes even after zahar zar knife was apprehended in a wild showdown the corporate media hasn't stopped carrying around the clock coverage of course the latest despite his injuries is that joe hart is conscious and mentally stable enough to understand and respond to interrogation according to anonymous officials in a recent line of questioning to hard knowledge his role in the attack allegedly telling interrogators that the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan are what motivated him and his brother to carry it out
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and although the latest news fills in some of the gaping holes there are still many unanswered questions about what really happened and why there's so little transparency we can only speculate to begin to fill in the blanks so what a story being covered twenty four seven in the news why is there so little follow up on the missing details to help me gain some insight on that and the media landscape as a whole earlier i spoke with mickey hough director of project censored and history professor at the college i first asked mickey about the questions i still have like who were the men arrested on the video what exactly happened that night with the mit officer and where is the video of the brothers dropping off the bomb and then i asked him why the corporate media doesn't follow up with the public or the police to find out those important details and here's what he had to say. as you well know . the details. holes aren't necessarily important in the news
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reporting in fact the more details that are reported what an audience will discover is that there is a lot of contradiction there have been multiple stories about what happened to the older brother there was another person that was allegedly detained and it turned out that it might have been the older brother then there's reports that he was shot then there's reports that the younger brother ran him over then there's reports that he was strip searched and died in custody i mean these are all reports that have come out on the corporate media so anybody that's actually been paying attention to the corporate media ought to be somewhat confused if they're taking notes but as we know the phrase the devil's in the details. what emerges is again a real a real series of problems for corporate media c.n.n. has been particularly bad i mean i guess they've all been bad you've also seen it fox and other places them declaring that they know the motives and they know exactly it's an international jihad and so forth andrew sullivan stealing such
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nonsense among others but the reality is is that you know we really don't know very much and the recent reports of course about the younger brother in the hospital recovering if they're apparently releasing statements from him while he's being drugged and gosh knows what else i mean how. how much can one gather from from this information right i am interested also are they authorized to tell us what the brother is saying on the hospital bed i think about strange in itself i mean is this a criminal case that we maybe shouldn't be knowing offhand mediately what he's saying as he's waking up from a drug induced unconscious state but as we know the coverage of on this has been complete overkill total why is this instant incident specifically being done on when thousands of people are dying every day from guns and gang violence across the country why isn't every murderer treated this way making well it doesn't fit the xena phobic narrative and it doesn't fit the. there it is of the war on terror when
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we look at what happens in columbine or sandy hook or tucson you know and glenn greenwald of course wrote a great piece about this calling attention to these gross double standards i mentioned this last week on monday when i said you know why doesn't people why is it that people don't seem to care or seem to get why doesn't the media give this kind of attention to the thirty people to die in iraq the public square bombing i mean this kind of stuff has been going on in afghanistan and iraq at the hands of the u.s. or provoked by u.s. occupation through over a decade and it just doesn't govern the same headline so when it happens here we see that when it's the white folks terrorizing others it's a criminal act it's an aberration they're crazy skitzo and cetera but when it's people that are darker skinned it may have some connections to other terror groups or jihadi groups or whatever the buzzword groups would be. if the media go goes
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ballistic when it gets rabid about this and they played up for ratings as you well know but the facts don't underlie the this kind of coverage i mean people have a far more likelihood of dying in a by drowning in their bath tub or in a house an accident in their own house statistically speaking and we're not declaring war on personal hygiene i mean it's it rises to the level of such ridiculousness that you know we really do have to kind of stand back and our and watch people in boston cheer on a militarized police state. this is there are serious altieri your motives to both the coverage and what happened in boston and it's far too early to know exactly what happened but you can't really tell that the corporate media. drive on in fear they depend on a fair and of course you know having this military police state crackdown on the entire city and people chariot applauding i mean there are even people here in d.c. at the memorials with american flags and it's just unbelievable. i mean very scared
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if something bigger happens here and of course like you said the brown or someone is the less people care about whether they're blown up or not i mean if a bomb exploded in east oakland what anyone be talking about it on the corporate news i highly doubt it and you know and as you said again the language being used about this the event being looked at as an act of terrorism yet aurora sandy hook tucson columbine aren't why is it only considered terrorism when it's an arab or muslim with a bomb. it's an interesting question and it's one that really ought to be looked at very closely in carefully we have had you know scores of bombings in the united states over the twentieth century and d.v.d. pointed out in an article that whenever these kind of bombings or attacks take place on black neighborhoods or whenever a clinic is bombed there's still see a mention of the t. word but again whenever it fits this narrative that that really again
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underscores underlies the u.s. global hegemony and the wars in the middle east and the sieber rattling particularly against iran unilateral support of israel against palestine i mean you know these are the kind of narratives that people feed off and this is the kind of thing that keeps the military industrial complex budget bloated in keane's you just militarist fashion and. again you know the paramilitary zation that we've seen going on post nine eleven this is written large in boston right and we see people president obama saying that well we we don't want to see these were we we don't want to see this kind of war this war machinery in the streets and you know we can't tolerate this kind of militarization in the streets here he's doing it here domestically he talks about another country should never tolerate it and yet here we are being pavlo in pavlovian fashion groomed to deal with it here right obama saying obama saying we will not be terrorized who's doing the terrorising enough.
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yes the bombings are horrified it went under play that but at the same time i mean shutting down a city with a military paramilitary troops is that not terrorizing the people in instilling an insane amount of fear unnecessarily amongst the populace i mean the media is giving these brothers exactly what they want to say want to attention will they got it. yeah they've got it in spades and the interesting thing that's lacking from most corporate media coverage is something called evidence there's a lot of people impugning motives in claiming they know this that the other like we mentioned people like andrew sullivan but the f.b.i. is claiming they have they that they're not sure and by the way they've been behaving attention to the f.b.i. they were already contradicted their story two to three different times about how they didn't know these people then they did know these people they weren't following these people they don't think they're connected to other people get they were interviewing people in other countries about it months ago and you know it's more of the same and part of this by the way is in our in the projects are twenty thirteen book started by trevor aaronson he has
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a new book out called the terror factory i talked to one of the f.b.i. has been behind a majority of terrorist plots they've subsequently thwarted in the united states over the past several years so that should be something that is highly questioned why i got that why a lot of people are trying to fill in the blanks and trying to say you know i mean a lot of unfounded speculation at this point because there is so little transparency so little facts have been made available so many contradictory facts out there and of course this passes the house while all eyes are on boston making do you think that the timing of passing this really controversial bill that some say are worse than the patriot act and i think this is a quince or not i if this is hardly coincidental any time some major news story is created or is something happens that draws the attention of the corporate media you can better well believe that there is a bait and switch shell game afoot and smoke and mirrors and all the rest where then it's time to get things passed that there really isn't support to pass if you remember the last time super tried to go through it didn't go through there was not
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a grassroots resistance to get this kind of a bill that creates cyber spying and legalizes cyber spying the same thing with cisco but it happens under the cloak of all this mayhem just like obama signs n.d.a. in the dark of new year's eve you know the other thing that's going on here again this is a classic news abuse story where there's so much as to. ariane speculation about boston that we don't pay attention to anything else that's going on you know another thing that's going on by the way same time is in the state of texas there's a state bill and a house bill designed to do the same thing that happened in new mexico which is to basically take off the rolls classes like mexican american history african-american history so that they're not taught in ways that are allowed to add those units to history transfer or history degree so they're essentially taking away the credit for teaching these types of histories and these untold histories in the united states and that's also how while this all this mayhem is going on unbelievable make in of course your organization project censored which you're the director of one of
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the largest research organizations in the country and covers the top center in stories every year can you give us a really quick sneak peek and some of the stories for next year's book we have about a minute left yeah i can't even give you a quick list and it really ties into a lot of what we've been talking about abby obama's war on whistleblowers journalism under attack around the globe. the increasing number of journalists being killed around the globe we've got a tremor of great stories going on about iceland the peaceful revolution there there initiative on modern media even in a modern media initiative there that is acting to protect press freedom and protect the right of reporters to tell the truth about what's going on in society so we have several stories on those types of themes that are coming up here in the next project censored book that i'm putting together right now with daniel iraq and courage all everyone who's in school or outside of school who is interested in investigative journalism to get involved and it's truly an excellent initiative thank you so much make you have director project censored history professor in
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college appreciate your time thanks so much abbie thanks for breaking the set always. feel like you've seen so far head to our you tube channel you've got contacts making i said sure to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode also every single interview so you can tap out if you want to catch. those separately are the numb weapons of mass destruction a big brother and courage i want to check out specifically our interview with colonel morris davis well the growing number of good mode detainees who are participating in a hunger strike hoping to draw attention to the illegalities of the facility is a look at every segment we've done on the tab section at the top of the page so check out all that and more at youtube dot com slash breaking news that an l.a. took a break from my preaching for now but stay tuned to hear more about america's immigration problems with raw stories meghan carpentier.
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says he. let me let me alone will let me ask you a question. here on this network is what we're having the debate we have our knives out. with the truth is this cycle just about staying there again we're in a situation where being i don't want to talk about the surveillance me.
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if you've never seen anything like. historically the u.s. has been one of the most welcoming nations in the world to immigrants in fact this country is built on the backs of those who came here from abroad every year homeland security estimates that over one million people immigrate to the u.s. legally in pursuit of a job a home a family the american dream for millions of others that dream is becoming a nightmare because of our broken our immigration system has become the question
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over how to reform immigration transcend party lines while the proposals for improvement seem more just like a political chess move at stake or the lives of eleven million undocumented human beings in recent weeks issues become even more politicized after the senate introduced a new immigration bill despite a recent rally here in d.c. that drew tens of thousands of demonstrators are urging for reform it's unclear if u.s. lawmakers will find a compromise so what does this mean moving forward and what type of immigration reform can we expect if any to help me gain some insight by making carpentier executive editor story megan thank you so much for coming on thanks for having me so at the end of obama's first term he introduced the dream act which didn't pass but the debates reinvigorated this new legislation how does it compare to the dream act and does it have a better chance of passing. well the administration managed to put some of the reforms for dreamers into effect in dreamers this kind of a catch all term for children of undocumented immigrants who are themselves
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undocumented but have lived their entire lives in america grown up in many cases not even necessarily knowing that they're undocumented until they apply for licenses or they apply for federal funding to lade and then discover that they've been in the country illegally even if they have no ties to their original homes so what the administration has done is developed a system by which these people can apply for residency although not legal immigration in terms of becoming a citizen but at least there's some path for them to stay to go to to college. the way that many of them were planning to anyway and i read a breakdown of the bill kind of encompassing the good bad and i guess the ugly and your eyes what aspect of the bill are most beneficial to immigrants right no. i think what most undocumented immigrants have been looking for for the longest is some way to achieve legal status being undocumented means they're more subject to
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exploitation by employers it means they are constantly looking over their shoulders for law enforcement it means they don't have the stipulated to build to live here to contribute in larger ways to society and so that that there's finally some path to you know getting documents to be able to stay here legally for some small number of eventually citizenship is actually a huge step forward from the last round of real immigration reform where all of that was taken off of the table the minute republicans started crying amnesty oh sort of the bad i mean one aspect is mandated and verify for businesses which could turn into a national id card system i mean what implications might this have not only for immigrants but i guess for average americans. the problems of the air five go back . to its inception i mean a lot of these problems have been experienced by people where. computer reads there's
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a number wrong someone puts down the wrong gender and all the sudden even if you've lived here your whole life and have documents to prove it the system comes back and rejects you and you see in fact that a lot of trans americans who because of federal laws can't change their gender on the i.d.'s there's had to be reforms to either fire because people were going into work and their employers were coming back and saying you've been rejected as undocumented immigrant because your gender doesn't match with what your id says you ought to be and the system was outing people that weren't out at the office. and you you mentioned republicans before i mean it's interesting that this bill seems to be getting a lot of bipartisan support why do you think we're seeing more republicans than dorsett that they're just beginning to reach out to look to no votes and because they know that they can't keep ignoring such a large and growing demographic. i think there's always been a segment of the republican party that has been interested in some sort of immigration reform not the least of which because employers want some sort of reform in place because obviously employing undocumented workers has risk for
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employers that a part of the bill will impose but also because a lot of these companies need low wage workers and americans are increasingly unwilling or unable to work for minimum wage and maintain their families and we always hear the same tired argument from i mean of course aside from saying everything that is a step in the reform in the direction of reform is amnesty aside from that kind of ludicrous talking point we always hear the same tired argument immigrants take our jobs i mean how important are immigrants to the health of this economy. i think a lot of data if you look at it from a nonpartizan perspective a lot of data shows that immigrants every day are contributing to the economy both documented and undocumented these are the people on whom we rely for a lot of the basic things that happen in every americans lives whether that's the. manager that you see in your building or you know somebody that's making sure that
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the food that gets to your table is safe and healthy and clean i mean workers that are immigrants undocumented otherwise are doing these kinds of jobs and this is been going on for years there's no way to simply say ok we're going to get out of everybody in this country who's on documented tomorrow and then all of a sudden you know american labor will just fill in those gaps the reason. documented workers have been coming is because americans have been selling ice caps but megan don't you want to go in the fields and pick strawberries at five cents an hour i mean it's just these kinds of jobs that it's just that a ludicrous argument it's like really those are the jobs that you think the are being stolen from you. really interesting but considering how obama i mean the ported more immigrants than almost every previous administration and increasingly militarizing the border with drones do you see the contradiction between his rhetoric and his actions. well in fact what republicans have been saying for years
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and probably that's why obama has taken some of these actions is that without border security they will not acquiesce to any sort of reform for immigrants coming to this country immigrants already in this country and so in fact what the bill says is there won't be any of these reforms none of the good things will happen and so all of the border security and the drones and the deportations have been stepped up so that's simply the trade off that republicans have demanded for years and obama has essentially been giving them that for a couple of years now so kind of goes hand in hand with his actions and the rhetoric moving forward with the bill well thank you so much for coming on breaking down a little bit of the rhetoric i hope that we do see some progress on this very important issue and it doesn't get swept under the radar considering all the rhetoric about let's delay it from the boston bombings all of the really appreciate your time making carpenter your editor story. thank you.
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last week i reported that the cyber intelligence sharing protection act had passed the house because this is such a controversial and potentially dangerous bill a number of civil liberties groups have been up in arms and making noise to prevent it from becoming law perhaps no one as loudly as the hacker collective anonymous group called on websites to shut down in protest against the cyber bill and yesterday around nine hundred domains he did that call responding by blacking out their home pages but let's back up for a second what is so controversial about this bug that is turning internet users into online activists well if this bill becomes law a liability clause in the tax would give companies freedom to hand over private user data to the government according to the electronic frontier foundation quote this bill would override the relevant provisions in all of their laws including privacy laws this includes all personal communications like emails and text
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messages or files that you might be keeping in a digital cloud almost all right richardson of the a.c.l.u. was on breaking the set just last week to break down this bill which she claims is worse than the patriot act take a look. so broadly though that they can go directly to military agencies like the n.s.a. and allow them to collect information on americans and with a very strong wall here in the united states between our civilian and our military and we don't let the military act against americans on u.s. soil it has it's rooted in our very founding of our country and this is a very dangerous bill because it allows the military to start collecting information on americans yep a stronger marriage between the military and corporations a what could go wrong while lot we don't have the corporate media to depend on for the facts when it comes to raising awareness online no group has been more effective about informing internet you. users of the book ations an anonymous
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source in a loud voice for protecting privacy and the internet as we know it anonymous your my hero today so if anonymous is the hero who is the villain well today that dishonor goes to republican congressman mike rogers of michigan the man's sponsoring says no i'm not just calling rogers out for sponsoring a bill that would have rode the last shred of privacy we have left you see any time a controversial piece of legislation like this buzz quickly push through congress one has to wonder who is really behind it and cui bono on the case of cispa one of the benefactors of the military industrial complex and take a wild guess i who mike rogers is married to christie rogers this is rogers the defense expert a very successful lobbyist for a group called man at that specializes in defense and homeland security which is also former private security contractor company that's currently sitting on a whopping ten billion dollar contract from the state department now not
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a conflict of interest for mr rogers who claims he's pushing a bill that internet users want to take a look at the people who are in the business of prosperity on the internet i think this is the right approach i mean the internet if you're you know a fourteen year old tweeter in the basement you know as my took my nephew i had to work on the rock on this bill because he didn't understand the mechanics of oh yes we just don't get the mechanics of the bill was nothing to do with the fact of the bill outright violates our privacy and despite what rogers says it's not online activists demanding the bill it's money the sunlight foundation has reported that lobbyists in favor of the bill spent six hundred million dollars since it was first introduced and unfortunately mike rogers isn't the only crusader for this injustice and dilution of the truth most notably he's been joined by texas republican mike mccaul who didn't hesitate for a second to use what happened in boston to push his own person. genda saying the u.s. now needs to protect itself from
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a digital or cyber bomb so for working in your pockets interest instead of the interest of the people who elected you mike rogers along with your nefarious counterparts you are all my villains today. but seriously we still have time to stop this agreed just legislation from passing yes that house in the house but it still hasn't passed in the senate yet and that's where you come in call your senators number it's their job to vote in our interests or go to cisco petition dot org to find out more and let's make our representatives do something about this so they know their jobs are at stake if they don't. potentially deadly blizzard taking aim for the northeast it's expected to hit starting in a few hours from new york to maine we have team coverage of the storm. but we will.


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